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It is with thanks to my four legged friends that my services can be offered to the wider equine community.
Their needs sent me in search of ways to help their health issues, and with the knowledge I have gained so far, I now have a burning desire to learn much, much more.
I especially thank Blaze aka “Silverwood”, (pictured top right) whose ailments in 2002 sent me on the search for a way to give him back a healthy body, his willingness to participate in my clumsy practicing at times, and his gratefulness when success was achieved, has been my inspiration to learn more. The photo below is Blaze at 25, having overcome metabolic disorder and being a chronic laminitc, to enjoying a healthy and useful retirement.
If I can make the world a nicer place for my equine patients, and assist their owners in understanding the needs of their horses, then my occupation will not be work but pleasure.

From the first day, many thousands of years ago, when man decided to mount the horse in an effort to improve his ability to travel, hunt, and explore further and faster, the horse has provided more service to civilization than any other single living thing.
The noble horse has pulled our ploughs and wagons, carried us to battle, galloped hard to deliver our mail, taken our children miles to school, worked in our coalmines, towed barges up our canals, delivered milk and supplies to all our towns and cities, waited patiently for hours at cabbie ranks in all weathers, worked long days rounding up our cattle and sheep, and provided hours of entertainment for us with his ability to run, jump, pace, avoid the horns of fiery black bulls, buck, perform tricks, and provide uncomplaining companionship whenever we need someone to talk to.

In the modern world of technology the horse is no longer required to perform the tasks that he used to. Superceded by computers, vehicles, and implements, his role now is more of a sporting and recreation partner. With this comes more stresses and strains on his body as we ask more athletic feats from him, and in doing so we are responsible in seeing that he suffers no discomfort or pain from his usage.

Fads and poor practices are all to quickly adopted as being “fashionable” if mooted by the “right people”. Information for horse owners in the appropriate feeding, housing, equipment, training methods, healthcare, and also mental health for the horse is readily available in books, on the internet, or through courses with professional trainers and tutors.
The horse doesn't speak our language, he tries really hard to understand our wishes and to oblige us, but it is our thoughtlessness that causes his confusion in most cases. We assume he was born with the knowledge he should allow us to ride him, and that he automatically knows our aids. Not so. He must be shown gently, in a way he will understand, what we require, and praised when he succeeds. It is how we train our children and dogs, and the horse has less capacity to reason than humans or some other animals.

I hope the readers will find this site helpful, and if you have any concerns about health or performance issues with your horse, I am happy to offer advice, and/or assistance if I can.

Healthy horses

Silverwood aged 10

Silverwood aged 25

Healthy horses

Spotswood, my amazing friend and Buddy. 

The Woodfield lawnmowers taking a break.

Woodfield paddocks in summer drought

Ginger our latest rescue/rehab horse

English working pupil enjoying a beach ride on one of our project horses.

The Woodfield house with staff cottage on right.




Enquire about our working pupil program now.  International students welcome for training, internships, and studying to become career equine therapists.

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