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Cranio Sacral Therapy

In 2003, while seeking for answers to cure a mystery lameness in a favourite equine companion, which vets and chiropractors could not pinpoint, I came across a website offering workshops in Equine Cranio Sacral Therapy. There were 3 levels of training being offered in March 2003 just out of Melbourne, so with interest sparked in this new and previously unheard of therapy for equines, I embarked on the first step of the journey of learning about
alternative and natural healing for animals.
The results obtained on equine patients during the past 14 years have been very satisfying and I hope many horse owners will be awed with the improvements in chronic or acute ailments of their horses after treatments utilizing the techniques of Cranio Sacral Therapy.

I have studied and learned many different modalities for equine therapies in the last 14 years, and all have offered me tools to address a variety of unusual conditions, however my grounding in the cranio sacral has always offered a great base and I find more and more I resort to, and get amazing results from some of the simple foundation techniques taught in this program.
I welcome any questions on the Cranio-Sacral therapy. It is a very gentle and non invasive form of bodywork.   We assume that horses being so big should require strong physical therapy to help their issues, not true, they are very sensitive and attuned to subtle energetic adjustments and respond very well.  The spinal cord is responsible for carrying signals to the brain from all corners of the horse, it is very important this information channel is kept open and functioning optimally.

For more information on

Cranio-Sacral Therapy please visit: www.equinecraniosacral.com

Geelong horse
American Cranio Sacral tutor Maureen Rogers
treating a horse with headshaking problems in Geelong Australia.

Cranio Sacral session on a standardbred in training


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