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Patient:  Ginger.  White tail spider bite December 2016.

When antibiotics and veterinary treatments were showing no signs of helping the leg, and with it ballooning to the point she could barely walk, homeopathy, intensive acuscope treatments, drawing poultices applied daily over the bite area, and manuka honey and raw garlic in her food were the only thing that I consider saved her life.  She was on Devils Claw concentrate twice daily for pain, and as an anti inflammatory.  It took 3 months of intensive work, but she has not relapsed in the past 4 months and appears quite sound.

Not so pretty before shots of neglected feet. The left fore had sticks, sheep manure and wool packed up almost to coronet level between the wall and laminae. This boy could barely walk when we collected him.

Two weeks later after poulticing, and regular acuscope treatments healing is beginning to take place. The acuscope electrodes are taped to the feet during treatment.

Lucky's feet looking much improved after his six week treatment programme, which included copper sulphate hydrotherapy baths, Provodine iodine, homeopathy, and 3 times weekly acuscope treatments.

Finally a happy ending, Lucky is now a much loved and useful pony club mount who won a first prize at his first pony club show.

For more information about the Electro-Acuscope and Myoscope
visit www.animaltherapies.com

I also have units for sale if anyone is interested in purchasing one of these amazing tools.  They can be used on all animals and humans.

Portable electro-acuscope unit.

About the Acuscope.
In equine therapy, the Acuscope has been used for over 20 years. More and more top veterinarians, owners, trainers and riders in the USA are discovering the benefits of Acuscope Therapy and relying on the instruments impressive results on a regular basis People have interpreted the results of Acuscope Therapy saying: “The Acuscope healed ….” this or that condition. The fact, of course, is that the Acuscope does not heal. Rather, it assists the body in healing itself by improving the circulation of blood and oxygen in the involved area and normalizing the electrical circuitry in the nerves and muscles of the damaged tissue. In order to adequately explain how the Acuscope works, it is appropriate to begin by considering certain fundamental aspects of living tissue. The body is made up of a vast number of cells. In many ways these cells act like tiny batteries, storing and releasing energy, doing their work of taking in nutrients, releasing waste products, repairing and reproducing themselves etc. Each cell, like any battery, has a measurable electric charge which must be maintained in order to function properly.

Energy flows constantly between all cells throughout the electrical circuitry of the body. When damage or trauma occurs to living tissue, there is a disruption in the electrical capacity of the involved cells and after an initial surge, there results a measurable decrease in the production and flow of energy through the electrical network of the involved tissues. This condition is generally accompanied by pain in the area and often results in the body’s inability to completely repair itself.

Thus, lengthy rest periods and inactivity are often prescribed in order to attain eventual restoration of normal function.
At this point the Acuscope is frequently introduced. The treatment has been likened to putting a “jump start” on the dead battery of a car. Since the instrument has both feedback and therapeutic functions, it actually provides auditory and numerical readouts which indicate the locations where tissue is damaged or unhealthy. Once abnormal areas are located, the Acuscope can then treat the tissue according to its needs. An experienced therapist can interpret the sounds and numbers which reflect the amount of conductivity passing through the tissue between treatment probes and can determine a course of therapy based upon these readings. Swelling and inflammation are translated into high numbers on an LED display with corresponding high-pitched tones. The Acuscope readings tell the therapist where the problem is most severe. It can pinpoint precise areas of excessive heat and fluid in acutely damaged sites. It can also identify tissue which has become chronic, i.e. an area of deficiency in an energy-depleted state. Low numbers and tones reflect tissue which is unable to complete the healing process and is incapable of returning to a normal, healthy condition without assistance. In addition, the Acuscope can help locate problem areas in other parts of the body which have become sore or painful as a result of compensation for the original cause.

Because the original problem heals faster, chronic tendonitis can be prevented and these other compensating areas will not have to endure the increased load as long. Acuscope Therapy is a modality applied primarily for pain relief, to improve soft tissue function, and to increase range of motion. The Acuscope differs from other electrical stimulation devices in that it delivers its treatment in micro-amps . Most nerve stimulation devices (ordinary TENS) produce milli-amperage current designed to bombard the tissue and simply block pain signals from reaching the brain. The Acuscope, in contrast, generates only the level of current required to gently encourage nerve and muscle fibre to return to conduction of normal electrical impulses. In contrast also, ordinary TENS devices provide only temporary relief, whereas a series of Acuscope treatments has a cumulative, long term healing effect.
The Acuscopes’s Therapeutic capabilities go well beyond the treatment of horses which are “off” or just “not quite right”.
Acuscope Therapy is not just a“tune up” for performance. Its advanced and sophisticated technology has been used extensively over the past twenty years, by and under the supervision of many veterinarians to deal with the most serious injuries and acute life threatening conditions of the equine athlete.
In numerous recent scientific studies, micro-current stimulation has been proven to have a profoundly beneficial effect on living tissue. Micro-amperage (below 2 milliamp) is the naturally occurring level of current generated by cells throughout the body.
In technical terms, some of the benefits of micro-current stimulation at the cellular level are: opening of voltage-sensitive calcium ion channels, normalizing cell membrane potential, restoring the sodium pump function, enhancing protein synthesis, and increasing ATP production. With this in mind it is easy to understand why supplying the kind of current naturally occurring in healthy tissue promotes regenerative metabolic activity.

The Myoscope is the companion instrument to the Acuscope.  It is designed to deal specifically with connective tissue, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  The acuscope stimulates via the CNS, accessing large areas of the body during treatment if required.  The myoscope is generally used on one muscle specifically, ensuring the fibres heal in correct form and not matted in scar tissue.  Ideal for tendon and ligament injuries.  For more information call us and we can send you a brochure with specific treatment details, or view the website www.animaltherapysystems.com 

Both these instruments are equally effective on humans, dogs, cats, and essentially any living animal. 

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